Saturday, July 5, 2014

South Downs Hike

So what does an American do in England for the 4th of July?
Go on a 12km hike across the chalk cliffs of the South Downs of course!

It was a gorgeous summer day yesterday, and I actually managed to sunburn a bit! Who knew that would happen here? :)

The views along the way were incredible, and I was so blissfully content to spend the day outside, soaking up the sun and smelling the salty sea air. Hands down one of the best ways to spend a day!

We started out in the town of Eastbourne. This town was the target of heavy Nazi bombing during WWII, as the Germans aimed for Beachy Head and the surrounding area. It was the most bombed town along the south coast during 1942-43.


Karina and I, ready to hit the trail!

We were warned many times to steer clear of the cliffs, and for good reason. There is nothing but a bit of crumbling chalk keeping you from the drop!

Approaching the Beachy Head Lighthouse.


From the other side of Beachy Head.

The next section of the trail, leading to the Seven Sisters. 

The opposite side of the trail was picturesque pastoral fields.

Karina, Romela and I.

A little seagull nest!

Past Beachy Head is the Seven Sisters, so named for the seven ridges that have been eroded across the cliffs. 

We stopped and had lunch on the pebble beach. Warm and just breathtaking!

We were pretty excited! 

Celebrating my American roots :)

The bright white cliffs against the rich blue and green water were so unbelievably beautiful! We had many moments of disbelieving, contented sighs.

The trail ended at the town of Seaford, framed with the meandering Cuckemere River.

The farmers are encouraged to let their sheep roam the downs to graze. They munch on the invasive species and therefore keep the native diversity among the grasses.

A still bend in the river.

We ended the day in Brighton, ate some chips and a (veggie) burger, and walked along the pier. All that was missing was the fireworks, but all in all it was a wonderful 4th of July! Why did we break away from England again?

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