Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eastbourne and Wicked

Just a little post to sum up my comings and goings this week!

We spent a lovely afternoon on Tuesday in the town of Eastbourne, which I had already visited and fell in love with during the Sussex countryside bus tour. Books+Buddies+Beach=Bliss.

Lovely ocean splash!

We saw in a newspaper this morning that there was a fire at Eastbourne Pier, only a day after we were there! The pier was evacuated in time and no one was hurt, but it is still so sad!

Here it was only about 24 hours before:

And then hit with the blaze:
Photo courtesy of BBC.

Wishing everyone in Eastbourne the best for a speedy rebuild!

Wednesday, I saw Wicked in London. (I saw Wicked in London. Wicked in London!!!!)
It was an absolutely incredible show with a ridiculously talented cast that sent my jaw to the floor and  rampant goosebumps up my arms.
I didn't know the story line, so not only was I blown away by the music, but surprised by the story as well.

The area was bustling, with Billy Elliot and the Victoria train station just around the corner. 

Off to London for a day of adventuring tomorrow. We are trying to see everything London has to offer (impossible, I know, but we are going to try!)

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