Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ditchling Beacon Hike

What better way to spend a free Sunday than hiking and exploring the English countryside?

It still amazes me that one day I can sit seaside soaking up the sun, spend the next bustling through the streets of London, and yet another wading through thick grasses in the middle of pastoral England. 

Sunday we hiked 6 miles from Ditchling Beacon to Devil's Dyke, a trail along the National Trust Land of the Sussex Downs. 

The trail wove through farm land, complete with free roaming sheep and cows, intersected a golf course, crossed a highway and wound through a neighborhood before landing us at Devil's Dyke. It was a full hike with plenty to see, and glorious fresh air. Beautiful!

The trail was bustling with hikers, bikers, and even hangliders!

There were sheep everywhere, free grazing and watching us go by.

These little trail markers ("look for the blue acorns!") were a gratifying sight, especially when the trail took a turn for the random,  over the highway or past golf carts.

Karina was trying to hard to make friends with the sheep. This little taunter was the closest she came. :)

The golf course we intersected along the way.

Thank you signs!

The neighborhoods we passed through were adorable, as per usual. :)

Brighton and the ocean in the distance.

We took a small detour marked on our map for a "Donkey Wheel" on a little farm. After a little googling, BBC told me that the wheel dates from the 17th century when it was used to supply water to the farms in the area. 

The little farm that was home to the wheel.

Love these rural houses <3
After 5 miles of hiking, this water was a welcome sight to keep us going for the last mile!

So the sheep may have been a little...well sheepish (please excuse me, I had to take the opportunity), but the cows were another story.

This guy was quite friendly!
She was such a good sport, even after the lick ;)

Success! Karina, Ganeev and I made it! :)

Hikes are absolutely one of my favorite ways to spend the day. You can take the girl out of Oregon but you can't take the Oregon out of the girl. :)

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