Saturday, August 23, 2014


Thursday I spent the morning sleeping in and recovering from my long day at Versailles, then ventured out to the park near where I am staying here in Angers. I am definitely starting to feel the fatigue of more than 2 months of travel, so it is nice to have some down time while I am in France.

The park was beautiful with winding trails and benches, playgrounds and even animals!
Then Friday I was off to Nantes. Nantes is the largest city in the North West region and the capital of the Pays de la Loire region.
I started at the Chateau de ducs de Bretagne which was built by Francis II, the last Duke of Brittany in the late 15th century. After the fortress and moat were built, the royal castle was built in the 16th century with additions in later years.

 Shops in the village center from the castle.

This was taken through a modern art sculpture/maze of woven branches on the grass by the moat.

Statue of Anne, Duchess of Brittany
 I have decided that every proper French town must have an impressive cathedral. Nantes' St. Paul and St. Pierre Cathedral was no exception. There has been a religious building on this site since the third century. (yes the 400s!!!) There is an exhibition in the roman era crypts that still exist under the floor of church. The current cathedral's construction began in 1434 with halted additions all the way through the 19th century followed by restoration from WWII bombings.

Beautiful stained glass in the Chapel of the Holy Virgin.

Tomb of Francois II, Duke of Brittany.

Found this lovely little lady napping in the sun outside the cathedral. <3

Part of the crypt underground. The organ started playing upstairs when I was in here alone...more than a little eerie!

 Cobblestone streets and little cafes--so French!
 To top off the day, I headed to the garden park, le Jardin des Plantes in the center of town. With flower beds, ponds, walking paths, animals, sculptures, modern art and a playground, this park was full of strollers enjoying the day.

One of the art installations was a succession of benches ranging in height from huge to this little guy! My water bottle is there for scale :)

The biggest bench!

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  1. Hello Young Traveler...Just finished with your latest post ...with the exception of Paris (which I am sure you could spend a summer there alone and never be bored.) far as France goes I think I liked Nantes the best. The castle was huge...but not ALL GOLD!!!:) The Cathedral was bright and open and so beautiful....minus the crypt downstairs complete with organ a scene from a scary movie! And you gotta respect anything that dates back to the THIRD century!!!!At least the next picture was out in the sunshine and a lovely little cafe'! The park was so fun and whimsical...Looked like a really sweet day. As the rest of your " Turning The Page Summer 2014 winds down and there are just a couple days until you are home...I wanted to thank you again for sharing with us some of the most incredible highlights of your Grand Adventure! It has been amazing to watch it unfold with your pictures and narratives. I truely looked forward to each and every one . Merci!!! je t'aime... Blessings and God's speed on your travel home .