Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Exploring Our Backyard

This week I have spent more time in and around the Sussex area, exploring what I can by bus or by foot. Today marks 10 days left of our program, and another 10 days in France until I'm jetting back stateside. But, there are still adventures to be had and I'm trying to practice living in the moment, soaking up every last ounce of my time here, instead of rushing to the future (thesis, work, classes, whatever I'm going to do post graduation!!!) like I normally do. I'm still on vacation, and my only job is to revel in it here.

First, on Saturday, Karina, Danielle and I went on a hike around campus starting at the little village of Falmer. A woman on the bus had told us about Falmer Village and we think we found it (it seemed to be a "blink and you'll miss it sort of situation). But, the walk was beautiful, leading us up to fields, cows, and back around to campus.

Oh hey there!

This little path our trek looped around to was actually somewhere we stumbled upon one of our first nights here together.

Sunday, Danielle and I took a bus to neighboring Rottingdean. Another quaint little seaside town whose claim to fame is Rudyard Kipling, author of The Jungle Books who resided there from 1897 to 1902.
Of course, I had to take my customary photos of adorable little houses. Enough already England! Too cute!

There is now a lovely garden in Kipling's honor. 

Kipling's thoughts on Sussex.

The church in Rottingdean.

The town had a WWII parade in the morning and concert in the afternoon, so it was decked out in patriotic red, white and blue. 

Only in England...<3

The beach was beautiful, but a bit windy, so I fashioned a wind breaker out of my oh-so stylish, Oxford purchased umbrella.
Monday after class, we hiked up and around campus, farther than I had ever gone before on my favorite place, "the hill." The trail just kept stretching on!

But first, we needed to snap the classic University of Sussex sing pose. 

 The trails in the woods are so green and lush, they remind me so much of home.

Random teepee!

Being terrific outdoorswomen.

Then, the trail broke out into the golden open fields I am getting so used to seeing around here.

These little gates mark the path along the way. 

 Oh how I love these girls!

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  1. Oh young Traveler...somethings you can't script better than how they turned out...what an incredible in our own backyard story! How perfectly lovely. :)